Friday, October 24, 2014


Third time is a charm.

Here's what hopefully is the final revision to the Fall 1 & 2 Hike List.


The first hike of the "Fall 2" series has been changed, so click here to get a complete list of all Fall 1 & Fall 2 hikes that was updated as of October 24, 2014.

Laguna Trailhead Hike (October 28) Preview

Note: This week's hike was originally to take place at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, but that plan was changed due to closure of the trail we were to hike. "Plan B" was to do Bootjack to Mt. Theater to West Point Inn, but that's also been scrapped and we'll be headed out to Point Reyes National Seashore instead.

This week as we repeat a hike we did last February when Marge filled in for Wendy and we saw scads of woodrat nests: "Today we take a different route from a familiar trailhead to make a 4.6 mile loop. We get our exercise on the uphill before lunch and then stroll downhill to complete the loop."

Directions: Take Sir Francis Drake Boulevard west to Olema. Turn right on Route 1, then make an immediate left onto Bear Valley Road.

Continue past Park Headquarters (turn in if you need a restroom; there are none at the trailhead) and go left on Limantour Road. Turn left at the sign for the youth hostel. Follow that road until you see a right turn across a bridge to the Laguna Trailhead by the Clem Miller Education Center. Park in the parking lot.

To cut half a mile off the hike, turn right instead of left at the sign for the youth hostel, leave your car at the Muddy Hollow parking lot and ride with a friend across the Limantour Road to the trailhead.

Click here for a MapQuest Map that shows the Muddy Hollow area, and click on #1 to get driving time and directions from your location.

55 minutes from College of Marin. Carpoolers can meet at St. Rita Church in Fairfax at 8:55 a.m.

No restrooms at trailhead.

Weather Forecast: As of Friday, October 24th, the National Weather Service forecast for the hike was mostly sunny, with a high near 66. (Click here for an updated forecast).

More on this hike: Hike "G5 Bayview - Muddy Hollow - Laguna" in the Martin's book, Hiking Marin, shows the route we'll take. (Point 1 on their map shows where you'll leave your car to cut 0.5 miles off the hike. Point 2 is where we'll leave the other cars and actually begin hiking.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Enjoy a week off hiking on Tuesday, October 21st, following the last hike of "Fall 1" today.

We'll resume our weekly treks around the county on October 28th as "Fall 2" begins with a hike on Mount Tam from Bootjack to Mountain Theater to West Point Inn and back.